Welcome to Billing Masters. We are here to offer you complete assistance with the demanding and time-consuming tasks of coding, billing, and collection. Credentialing is also something we handle with ease. Years of experience enable us to do all these tasks without errors, and in a timely fashion.By hiring us, you will have one thing less to worry about, more time and energy to focus on your patients, and your revenue will increasesignificantly as well.

About Us

Billing Masters was founded by a small group of experienced coding and billing professionals. Our mission is to use our coding and billing experience and expertise so we could increase financial stability and maximize revenue for all our clients. We are very well aware of the mportance proper billing and coding have for medical practitioners.Getting reimbursement for any of the provided medical services is impossible without the use of proper billable medical codes, and flawless billing process is the only way to ensure that you will be paid for your claims in full, and in a timely manner.

What we do?


All medical services provided at your office need to be coded in a proper way. All diagnoses, symptoms, treatments, and medications require the appropriate code assigned.


After making sure that everything is coded without any errors, the next step necessary in order to get the reimbursement for your services is the billing process...


In order to be able to receive reimbursement from third parties (insurance companies), you need to create a network of affiliations with insurance companies.


All actions related to your claims, such as payments, rejections, repeated submissions, and so on, comprise your revenue cycle. Tracking all these events is usually....

What we do?


We handle your coding and billing with such care as if it was our own medical practice at stake. Much of our work comes from regular clients and their referrals, which is the best proof of the quality of our work.


Billing Masters have been in medical coding billing business for years. Thanks to that, we have acquired routine coding precision, gained great knowledge of the entire coding and billing process, and learned how to avoid common mistakes, thus making the entire process run much faster and provide much better results for your business.


We started as a small team of dedicated coding and billing professionals, able to work together with great efficiency. Since then, we introduced new members into our team, but we took only the people in whom we had complete trust and confidence. That preserved the highest level of teamwork, efficiency, and quality of our work.